SImply the best! What are you passionate about? We invite you to share our passion for food and bridge.
TGRs is the only bridge club in London serving not only regular competitive bridge play, but also a full service wine & food menu throughout the week. Be part of the world’s greatest game at TGRs. We welcome players every day who are looking for a fun challenge in W1, London.

As well as the regular menu shown look out for our changing menus

Thursday lunchtime buffet duplicate
11 - 2.30 pm

Friday evening buffet and duplicate. Buffet from 6.30pm

Home-Made Chicken Soup With Kneidlachs And Lokschen

Leek & Potato Soup

Minestrone Soup 

Broccoli & Stilton Soup

All Soups Served With Bread/ Matzo / Roll 

Egg Mayonaise

Fan Of Melon 


Lamb Koftes Served With Rice And Salad 

Beef Casserole Served With Mashed Potatoes

Shepherds Pie

Meatloaf Served With Mashed Potatoes

Lamb Shank In Rosemary & Red Wine Sauce 

Viennas Served With Mashed Potatoes  &  Gherkins 

Selection of Fresh Salads(Chicken, Tuna, Egg, Nicoise Etc.)

Scottish Smoked Salmon on Matzo served with Gherkins And Crisps 


Selection of Ice Cream, Cakes, Fruits And Cheeses


Starters £6, Mains £12, Desserts £5.00

Honey Roasted Ham And Cheese

Tuna Mayonaise

Salt Beef And Mustard


Scottish Smoked Salmon

Egg Mayonnaise

Roast Chicken

All Served On A Choice Of Wholemeal, Rye Or White Bread, Or A Roll With Crisps And Salad 

Sandwiches £6.00

All teas/coffees and cans of drinks   £2

Single Espresso/Juices/Iced Teas   £2

Iced Coffee (ice cream £1 extra)   £2

Macchiato                               £2.50

Spirits                                    £2.50 a shot

Brandy                                  £4 a shot

Beer     £2.50 half-pint          £4 per pint

Red and white house wine     Glass £4   Bottle £14
Pinot Grigio                           Glass £5 Bottle £18


Champagne from £40 per bottle  ¼ and ½ bottles also available